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AP has been perfecting the art of adventure in Alaska and world-wide since 1995

Travel and Tourism

We believe that travelers have an obligation to learn a bit about where we visit- and even give back through responsible travel practices. AP donates our services to various non-profits as free or discounted trips. 

Mission & Values

Our mission is to inspire and cultivate personal and environmental responsibility, transformation and integrated thinking by providing superior wilderness guiding services in Alaska. We inspire AWE through adventuring in the wilderness.

Sustainable Travel

Did you know: A freight train moves a ton of freight an average of 484 miles on a single gallon of fuel. AP recycles, practices Leave No Trace and tries to maximize each trip's ratio for the most efficient resource usage.



NOW HIRING for 2018! If you are interested in joining our team of committed and dedicated guides, read our website carefully, email us your resume and a note describing why you want to work with us, the jobs you are applying for, your dates of availability.






Our guides are sincerely enthusiastic and motivated to share Alaska’s wilderness with you.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to inspire and cultivate personal and environmental responsibility, introspection and integrated thinking by providing superior wilderness guiding services in Alaska.
To this end, members and employees of Ascending Path LLC are sincerely and authentically committed to engineering inspiration and facilitating educational, fun and managed outdoor adventure experiences to locals and visitors in Alaska.
Furthermore, we are dedicated to educating our guests and recognize that through climbing and hiking folks can discover personal balance, centeredness, success, enthusiasm and harmony. We inspire AWE through adventuring in the wilderness.

What Drives Us:

We are driven to share the splendor of Alaska with visitors and other locals- Our simple goal is to provide an awesome Alaska wilderness experience by facilitating your direct experience. We love our jobs- and it shows! Our guides value Autonomy, the urge to direct your own life. Mastery, the desire to get better and better at something that matters, and and Purpose, the yearning to do what we do in the service of something larger than ourselves. Our employees are extremely well vetted and naturally principled. We are all adventurous vagabonds, intentionally choosing to pursue a life of passion and people over profit.


Why Hire AP:

For over 20 years, AP has been facilitating wilderness adventures with an outstanding safety record. We carefully manage risk by mindfully calculate the dynamic formula of probability and consequence. By hiring a qualified guide you are getting a sincere wilderness enthusiast with local knowledge of current conditions, climbing and wilderness industry standard risk-management. Many of our guides hold multiple professional certifications and advanced degrees. We know how to use our equipment properly and we happily teach the right way to climb, paddle and hike in Alaska’s wilderness. Some guides know the Latin names of nearly every plant on a trip and we may even know a few stupid jokes…
A professionally guided trip should be an educational experience with a patient, experienced, fun leader who can not only take great photos of you, but who knows Alaska inside and out. 

Ecotourism Guidelines:

  1. We seek environmentally sustainable economic growth while minimizing visitor impacts on wildlands, wildlife, Native cultures, and local communities by offering literature, briefings, leading by example, taking corrective action or other appropriate means.
  2. Travel modes and facilities used maintain a low impact on the natural environment; tour use is sustainable over time without significantly altering the resource or negatively affecting the experience.
  3. We provide direct benefits to the local economy and local inhabitants thereby providing an incentive for local support and preservation of wild areas and wildlife habitat.
  4. We seek appropriate means to minimize their effects on the environment in all phases of their operations including office practices.
  5. We ensure that managers, staff and contract employees know and participate in all aspects of company policy to prevent impacts on the environment, Native cultures, and local communities.
  6. There is an educational emphasis and purposeful desire for travelers to learn about the natural and cultural history of the places they visit.
  7. There is a formula for the business and guests to contribute to local non-profit efforts for environmental protection.
  8. The travel is in the spirit of appreciation, participation, and sensitivity. At some point, a tour group becomes too large to be considered "ecotourism."

Motto: “The Way is the Goal!”

Company Info

Alaskan Owned- Owner Operated

Ascending Path is locally owned and operated

Since 1995

Ascending Path has been guiding worldwide since 1995. Matt founded the business after receiving a degree in Philosophy. He guided rock and ice climbing clients on the East Coast and expeditions to South America, Denali and the Himalayas. After meeting Heather on Denali, he decided to relocate full time to Alaska to persue their kismet. In between working international expeditions to Peru and the Himalayas and several seasons of science support and search and rescue for the US Antarctic Program, they opened Ascending Path for summer day trips in Girdwood in 2003.  2018 will be AP's 16th Alaskan summer season offering Naturalist Hiking, Glacier Tours, Rock Climbing and Ice Climbing based out of Anchorage and Girdwood. AP has shared South-Central Alaska with over 12,000 clients!

USFS Permit at Spencer WhistleStop

In fall of 2016, AP was awarded a 10 year permit with the USFS for the Spencer Glacier Whistle Stop, look for new products now and in the future… 

8 Special Ways to Blow the Vacation Budget

Article published on August 17, 2016 about Ascending Path’s Heli Glacier Hikes.

“Jumping on a helicopter to start a hike may seem a bit like cheating, but there are few better ways to experience the majesty of Alaska’s wilderness."

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In Alaska, Strange Light and Ancient Ice

Article published in July 14, 2006 about Ascending Path’s Alpine Hikes.

“The sun was shining, though by no means with all its might. Beaming across the surrounding snow-capped peaks, it emitted a moody, fractured light. Which in this case wasn’t odd, even though it would soon be the middle of the night.”

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Ascending Path operates under permits with Chugach National Forest, Alaska State Parks & Municipality of Anchorage.

Awards and Clients

10,000 Small Business Development Grant Reciepient
10,000 Small Business Development Grant Reciepient

Sept 2015

Certificate of Excellence
Certificate of Excellence