Mari Medovaya, Naturalist and Hiking Guide

Mariyam came to Alaska for “the winter” in 2008 to work on a community-based environmental observation project in the Aleutian Islands. Little did she know that Alaska has other plans for her. Now raising her daughter and making roots in Girdwood, Mariyam loves counting her consecutive winters in Alaska and forecasting summer weather. She is an avid mushroom hunter, berry picker, forager of numerous Alaskan plants and wildcrafter. She has two Master’s degrees: one in Atmospheric Sciences and another in Cultural Geography. She used to work for N.O.A.A and W.W.F and is an expert in Arctic Russian and Alaskan Native communities, languages and cultures. Mariyam has guided nature hikes in Puget Sound of Washington and the suburban wilderness of Massachusetts, and has lots of nature backpacking experience in Europe, US and Russian Siberia. She is originally from the Pacific coast of Russia, and strains her vision sometimes to see if she can spot her homeland across the ocean, no luck so far. She loves taking all our Russian speaking clients out. Mari has been with AP since 2014.

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