Mike Morris, Ops Manager/Guide

Mike is a passionate and enthusiastic adventurer and teacher who originally hails from Virginia. Mike has had an interesting and eclectic work background that has included being an ESL teacher, wilderness therapy field instructor, and former Technical Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. These professions have allowed Mike to work with a wide-background of people and cultures as well as travel and live abroad in such places as Turkey, Belgium, Iraq and Romania. His languages include: Turkish, Romanian and Spanish. Mike likes to describe his professional experience as giving him “the patience, compassion, and positive outlook to help others and do amazing things in life.” His passions include cycling, rock climbing, mountaineering, and hiking, which have finally led him to Alaska to explore and share his interests with others. One of his most recent accomplishments has been a thru-hike of the entire Pacific Crest Trail. He is a WFR and also volunteers with Eugene Mountain Rescue when he is home in Oregon. He earned his bachelor’s in international relations from George Mason University and a master’s in linguistics from West Virginia University. In the winters, Mike is an English Instructor at the University of Oregon. Even though Mike is interested in pursuing a PhD, he feels life’s classroom will keep him busy for a while.

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