Riley Ebel, Glacier, Kayak and Ice Guide


Riley grew up skiing, climbing and kayaking in the Colorado sunshine and spent summers on the Colorado and Arkansas Rivers, falls climbing out in the Utah desert, and winters skiing all across the West. Her guiding experiences started in the mountains and rivers of Colorado and continued in the Green Mountains of Vermont, where she graduated with a BA in Geology and Environmental Science. She came to Alaska to raft guide on the Matanuska in the summer of 2014, began guiding at that glacier and has been “woo-hooing” around the state as much as she can. In the off season, Riley is a ski instructor and travels abroad in pursuit of whitewater and powder. She also works within the geology realm, most recently as a field exploration geologist north of the Arctic circle at Red Dog Mine. Riley is passionate about the wilderness and playing in any form of water, be it ice, snow or the liquid type. She is also pretty into rocks, so you will never see her taking any of them for granite. Riley is (EMT), WFR, CPR, Swift water and PSIA certified. Riley has been with AP since 2018.

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