Covid-19 UPDATE: 5/28

AP closed for (most) Day Tour Operations in 2020
Ascending Path is very serious about fun and inspiring AWE in Alaska. We also value risk management over profit. First and foremost, we want to be morally and socially responsible to our guests and employees. We have been watching the Covid-19 data very closely, and along with the steady cases, the closure of many of our local transportation and supporting partners, and the need for hands-on guiding with many of our tours; AP has made the very tough choice to not operate the majority of our day tour adventures in 2020.

For trips that are running, clients are required to arrive wearing a mask and present negative test results to their guide. AP will not guide clients who are in quarantine.

We would love for everyone booked to rollover their trip to 2021, with no fees and a placeholder date of June 1st (which can be changed). Donations, gift certificates and fundraisers will all roll to count in 2021.

Direct Booked Clients: Over the next month, AP plans to speak with each of you over the phone to discuss your specific case and how we can best be of service or recommend the right adventure for you.

Vendor Booked: Please notify our mutual clients accordingly and suggest re-booking for 2021. If Private guests or groups for whom you have paid a deposit for- choose not to re-book, email us to discuss options.

Alaska’s Glaciers and mountains will be here awaiting future visits, but we’re gonna sit out this season. Many thanks for your kind words and support.

If you wish to support our small business with a Gift Certificate for 2021, we would greatly appreciate the support!

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